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Impact Conversations is a show about change makers getting things done. 

Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson of Social Impact Advisors talk to NGO leaders, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and environmental innovators about their goals and how they're reaching them.

Dec 23, 2021

In this episode, we have a conversation with Leanne Burton, Director, Partnership Development at MakeWay, a public foundation that acts as an intermediary, working between funder and community partners to build healthy pathways towards social, environmental and economic justice. 


It’s a time of year when people might be thinking more about giving, donating to causes that are important to them.  We’ve taken an opportunity to chat with Leanne for her thoughts on what to think about as you plan your giving, now and throughout the year – whether as a funder or an individual.   


Leanne highlights starting with the issue you care about and the change you want to see, and suggests ways of getting a deeper understanding of that issue and the players.  We talk about trust philanthropy, and the importance of giving ”unrestricted” contributions without dictating what the money be spent on, and without onerous expectations for selecting a recipient or for them to report back.  We also talk about ways to look at a nonprofit’s impact while they work within a complex, adaptive system. 


All this and more, to get you thinking about how to be more intentional, and perhaps more collaborative, in your giving.  Above all, we hope it encourages you to simply give!  Have a listen. 




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