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Impact Conversations is a show about change makers getting things done. 

Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson of Social Impact Advisors talk to NGO leaders, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and environmental innovators about their goals and how they're reaching them.

Mar 4, 2021

The Black Social Services Sector, as Agapi describes it, isn’t getting the attention it needs.  The CEE (Careers, Education, Empowerment) Centre for Young Black Professionals is taking that on.  Hear how they are supporting 3B organizations – that’s Black-focused, Black-led (including Board representation), and Black-serving organizations, including many that are not registered charities. 


In addition to supporting the sector, CEE provides direct programming, targeting particular industriesand creating demand-led workforce development solutions, with high retention rates.  These programs provide not just training, but person-centred wrap-around supports, considering a trauma-informed approach to Anti-Black Racism and an approach culturally- relevant to Black Canadians.  These programs are also being made available to other organizations to deliver in their local communities. 


Finally, CEE is tackling policy change, at all levels of government, recognizing that change at the individual level is not enough.    


This podcast will shed some light on how you or your organization could be supporting (or ignoring) the Black Community.   



CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals:  

Kitchen Masters and other CEE Programs :  


Network for the Advancement of Black Communities (NABC):  

Black to the Future:  

Unfunded: Black Communities Overlooked by Canadian Philanthropy:  

Agapi Gessesse:   


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