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Impact Conversations is a show about change makers getting things done. 

Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson of Social Impact Advisors talk to NGO leaders, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and environmental innovators about their goals and how they're reaching them.

May 27, 2021

Having been a refugee himself as a youth, Leo shares how he has taken his own experience and created an organization to support youth to ensure they can navigate the Canadian system for educational success, to lay the foundation for life’s success.  We hear about Empowerment Squared’swork with Hamilton youth, and importantly, their parents or caregivers.

We learn of the effects of COVID-19 on their work, and how they’ve pivoted and are now serving many more people, and in a broader way, which they see as a lasting effect. At the same time, we hear how his work has now expanded to a ground-breaking learning centre in his native Liberia.

While there are needs here at home, there are greater needs globally and Leo is part of addressing that, too.  Finally, we talk about the sector itself, and how the funding model must change for nonprofits to be successful, and particularly to address systemic racism.    


Empowerment Squared: 

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